Saturday, November 8, 2008

Split Personality

I blew off work yesterday, played 'hookie', took a 'mental health' day. Glad that I did because I was really starting to go mental. I planned on it earlier in the week and set up a ride for Friday afternoon with some of the big ringers. I get an e-mail later Thursday night from Simon wondering if I wanted to do an early road loop of the park in the morning. How could I say no?

Two rides in one day? I hadn't done that since late August or early September. A little worried that the legs wouldn't hold up. Also considering I've ceased training and gained a little bit of weight since the end of the season . . . . and I was even carrying more weight yesterday after eating a large pizza the night before (carb loading!?!) with extra olives made me bloated, round and plump. Alas, what are days off for? Ripping ones legs off, of course. And it was a beautiful day to have a multiple cycling personality experience: roadie and mtn biker.

First, I had to drop the mother of my child soon to be born at work . . . sucka . . . work is for chumps. Is that cool to call your preggo wife a 'sucka' then a 'chump'? Ahh, she don't read this here blog no more anywho. After dropping 'the wife' off (she hates being called that), I took Jackie-Boy for a big long walk . . . . then he came home and slept on the couch.
"Don't tell Chrissie I was sleeping on the couch. She'll get mad at me." Your secret is safe with me Jacks!

Champlain Bridge - a wee bit froggy
It was a bit cool in the morning, but quickly warmed up. + 17 degrees Celsius
(62.6 Fahrenheit for you American readers)
for this time of year is wicked.

Misty, you're up on 'political correctness', what's the new catch phrase that replaces "Indian Summer"? People Who Were Here First Summer?

Gats still carless. Weeeehooooo! Not many riders out this early either.

Simon. He's new to Canada, all the way across the pond from London. He was out with us a few weeks ago on the mtn bike and had a tough initiation to the technical trails around Ottawa, but started to find his momentum. On the road bike it's a totally different story - I had a hard time keeping up with him. Great riding with you Simon!

The Canadian Geese are usually wearing their polyester pants, white shoes and belts, playing Canasta, and talking about politics and the weather down south by now. With the "First People of the Land Summer" we're having, they're sticking around.

King kissing the bars on a technical little up on Garter Belt (done in reverse).
King usually wears polyester too. Today, however, he was sans sleeves.

Phat Tony was out with us today rock'in his new Vassago Optimus Ti. Gwad this bike is beau-ti-ful! And light too, coming in at around 21lbs. Jones H-bar, tubeless WTB wheelset, White Brothers Rock Solid rigid fork, Middleburn cranks, etc. If I only had the money I'd get me one. With this recent build and his new road bike, he has taken over the title of 'team bike whore'.

The Mule. Nope not the hydropack, the guy . . . I made Lenny stich this onto this pack (yes, he is a handy embroider - one of his few talents) so not to forget that the only reason I ride with him is so that he can haul my shit around (not literal shit, cause I don't buy into that whole "pack out what you brought in" camp . . . . my crap is organic and it can stay in the woods).

Speaking of light . . . . the Mule bitched the whole day about how heavy his pack was. So I took my camera out. The weight didn't seem to affect him though cause he was riding real well all day.

The Mule cleaning a real nasty & difficult descent off of Rock Hopper.
**LATE EDIT: click on the photo to make it look larger. Notice anything? The Mule is possessed!**

L to R: Phat Tony, King, The Mule, tree, Kevin.
King rode pretty much all day like that, seated backwards, and still made us all look like chumps.

Thanks for the ride bitches. It was the most funnest!

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Misty said...

As beautiful as the day was and the fall leaves everywhere - how the hell can you have motivation issues!!! :)

As for the political correctness: you can use "People who were here first summer" or "Native American Summer" or would it be "Native Canadian Summer" - it really is difficult to figure out these days! Probably best to say "Extended Summer" just to be safe!