Thursday, November 6, 2008

Most Smartest Man On the World

clicky clicky for a 'sound bite'

Nope. Probably tricked you in thinking I was typing about myself. Nope.

It's Jerome. But I could see how you could be confused. He's even handsome like me (is it cool to call another dude handsome without sounding gay? [not that there's anything wrong with that!]), as modest, funny like me, super duper popular on the blog-o-sphere, women throw themselves at the both of us when we walk/ride down the street, we are the fastest bike riders in the world, immensely talented, and smrt. We also both own bad ass Vassago t-shirts. Want to be as cool as me and Jerome? Get one here.


Jerome said...

oh great, now we're gonna have to start doing press conferences and signing autographs and stuff huh?

Thanks again for the shirt dude!


Misty said...

In my package I had an autographed photo of the Famous Big Ring. Sucks if you didn't get one! :P