Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Naked "Naked Gear Review" Review

I found myself with a little time this past weekend, on account of all the rain and my slothfulness, to sit down for a bit in front of the computer. I noticed it's been a while since my last Naked Bike Gear Review. I haven't purchased or received any new bike related equipment for some time now . . . . . to the disbelief of my fellow team members and blog followers out there, I do not buy a new bike as often as I change my underwear (the later I don't do that often anyway).

I'm very, very keen to do a NGR of this (photo here of Ben tearing it up on his Fisti), but looks like I must wait a while for that to happen. I've purchased a couple bicycle related clothing items, but what's the point of doing a review of something that covers my killer bod?! Do you really want to see me do a naked gear review of leg warmers and a hat?
So I decided it was high time for new NGR.

Yes, this how I surf the inteweb at home . . . sometimes I wear knee warmers if it's chilly.

I know that my mother shakes her head in disgust every time she is reminded of me being some-what 'naked' on the interweb, that there are some voyeurs out there who visit my blog and have no interest in bicycling, there are those too who are keen to read what I've got to say and avoid at all costs having their retinas burned from their eye sockets.

Really, what am I going to say about my own NGR's? I've come to two conclusions without having to go into copious detail: one, I need to do more naked gear reviews and soon (potential sponsors: please send me stuff and I will drop my drawers for you) and two, NGR's are fun to do! Whoot!


Misty said...

ha ha ha!!!! You could do a naked review of your arm warmers, any stickers you have received.....butt butter is always a great NGR!

Guess I need to send you something that will make you drop your drawars!

Sorry BR's Mom!

Anonymous said...

sick buggar!!!


wear clothes, PLEASE, when we install the powertap on your bike, ok? for my own sanity.


the original big ring said...

can't wait for something new to drop my drawers for! Especially a shiny new cx bike. Hint, hint. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

the original big ring said...
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the original big ring said...

pffft . . . Warren, I was hoping that you'd hold the camera and take my picture! And when we do the testing, I'll be naked for that too . . . riding your bike . . . . on your saddle . . . . my bear bum all over it! Whoot!

Anonymous said...

dude, you are tweaked. if you start undressing in my basement as we set your bike up, I will be calling the COPS!!!!


The Vegan Vagabond said...

what about naked kettlebelling? That's some new gear you recently got.
you'd probably have to do a video though to get the full effect. ha!!!