Monday, December 15, 2008

Two plus months to go

Chrissie is all belly (and a whole lot of boob). Two plus months to go.
Doesn't she look great!? Beau-ti-ful!
Hard to believe I'm going to be a dad soon.
Will life cease to exist? Will I hang up my bikes in exchange of pleated pants and a baby carriage?

It's a kick'n like a character in a bad Chinese martial arts movie.

Then I read this little write-up.


Mark said...

Congrats. Do you know the sex? I bet you are having a boy!

It's not so bad with the first but when you have three then it can get a little trying. You will probably add to the stable a Burley Trailer, Trail-a-bike, and then you start moving from really small wheel sizes to bigger and bigger. It's all good.

the original big ring said...

Nope, we don't know the sex Mark. We wanted it to be a surprise. To be honest, I was really hoping for a boy . . . but now, my sense of guilt and realization that I AM GOING TO BE A FATHER VERY SOON, I am content with just a happy, healthy baby.

Oh, and I've been spec'ing baby equipment like it's nobodys business! Whoot!


planetseb said...

How exciting is this! Please tell her that I said a big CONGRATS - and a "DAHLING.. YOU LOOK MAHVELOUS!"


Golonghardman said...

Still 2 plus months to go? Do you want them all to be the same sex or like boy/girl/boy or girl/boy/girl, Ahhh whatever as long as there all healthy EH!