Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Skate Ski of the Season

This year's first skate ski for me was pretty near a carbon copy of last year's first skate ski, only difference is I am about a week late starting. Hurt like hell to start (from P8 to P9, the North Loop, it was very soft and ungroomed), then got worse when I hit the Fortune climb, then got better when I stopped at the top. Like last year, I started to find my groove and the technique came back about three quarter of the way through the ski. My heart rate when through the roof - winter is time for base work my ass! Anyone know how to pace yourself while skate skiing??

Skate skis on fresh, near perfect trails.

Skate skis? Classic skis? What's the difference?
Skate skis are a tad more narrow, shorter, you don't use grip wax (only glide wax),
and the poles are longer. Oh yeah, I suck on both.

The trails were very nice, very nice indeed - especially from P10 (bottom of Fortune) onwards.
Anyone know this trail?


Golonghardman said...

Thats that little chunk of trail from p10 to the Gatineau parkway at the end of the north loop, your looking at it in that direction, a fun little prize at the bottom of the giant Fortune downhill. (A no brainer)

the original big ring said...

you so smrt Richard