Friday, December 12, 2008

What was wrong?

What was wrong with yesterday's picture of my commuter?

The correct answer was a single speed using a cassette. Though not common practice, it can be done. It's a seven speed cassette run with a nine speed chain, which is narrow enough to fit between cogs so not to be affected my the ramps on the teeth (that are used to help change gears). I'm using quick release axle which needs to be kept very tight. I've had it jump once or twice, usually because the rear wheel has slipped. Is it an ideal ss set up? Nope, but it's a simple commuter bike that gets me from home to work and back, built out of old parts.

I would have also accepted, as 'the peanut gallery' pointed out:
  • it's an old Northland frame
  • pink'ish girlie bell
  • riser bar with bar ends
  • there is a left hand brake lever!
What was missed:
  • powerbar sticker - that's just wrong because they suck
  • it's purple - that's so early 90's
  • it's missing the front light (mount is on the bar)
That was fun! Didn't you have fun?? That was fun!! Let's do that again sometime - a 'Where's Waldo' type post. Next time, maybe it will be during a naked review - which will force some of you to stare at my killer bod for some hidden surprise (I know Jason does that anyway). Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!


Sandro said...

Your setup can only work if your chain is completly alligned? Doesn't your chain have the tendency to drop one chainring lower?

Rob Prouse said...

I did the same thing, but I took apart my cassette and another old one I had laying around and used the spacers, one of the cogs and the lock ring to singlespeed it. It ends up lighter and allows you to align the cog you want better.

I think I used XT cassettes. They have small pin/screws that come out with a very small hex wrench.

the original big ring said...

yep, right you are Sandro - it's aligned perfectly

Rob, I did the same thing with the previous wheelset on this bike that I was using . . . until I wrecked a wheel. I was able to get this older style wheel (for free!) with the locking, one-piece style cassette.

Sandro said...

Another thing that was missed: v-brakes and snow/ice combination, I had some bad experience with that...

Mark said...

Depending on the wheel, if they are older, I take off the old cassettes and put on a BMX freewheel. Looks snazzier.