Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kissy kissy

I was reading Dicky's blog yesteday morning, I read it every morning before heading off to work on my piece-O-Crap, purple single speed that shouldn't be a single speed, with a fruity (not that there is anything wrong with that) pink bell. I'm a creature of routine during the work week: get up at 6am, get Jacks out for his walk, come home, feed Jacks, coffee (two cream, one sugar please) and two slices of toast with organic crunchy peanut butter, then sit myself in-front of the computer to check the weather and surf a little. Dicky's blog is one I always go to cause I know he updates it in the morning before he goes off to work. Personally my brain isn't functioning that early in the morning to come up with good shit to write, but Dicky always manages to entertain and find something funny to write about, in a self depreciating-sort-of-way.

Yes, I know what you are thinking . . . . despite sounding like I love Dicky, I do not . . . . .agggrrahhhhhhhh!

Where's this going . . . . oh, yeah . . . . so like I was saying, I was clicking over to it and saw that he did this big overhaul on his blog. What caught my eye, cause I'm totally ego driven, wasn't his new fancy pants blog header, spiffy new sponsor logos or even his short and concise blog tag-line, but his blog linkages. On his old site I was listed, but in a seemingly sea of other bloggers - many very entertaining and very, very famous in the world of blogging - the who's who of the blogging world. If you saw the list you'd probably would have missed my name all tucked away down yonder. BUT NOW, holy cow! I'm like in a list of 27 other bloggers (still tucked away down yonder)! But Whoot! It's like I've been called up to the show. The entire list probably is the same list, but now there are new subheadings. I'm in the second group of bloggers who, and I quote:

Suffering from regularity issues: What can I say? I would love to get these folks on some Metamucil so maybe something would come out of them on a daily basis. Some of their blogs are updated regularly, then go on a few day hiatus, then post a photo and a sentence for three days, and then spill their guts like they took a dose of sodium pentathol and drank a six pack of Corona. Lotsa folks fell into this category, which leads me to believe that they actually have stuff to do that's more important than writing about the stuff that they do.

Suffering from regularity issues? I guess I should have gone on to tell about the rest of my *routine after I surf each morning. It hurt that I didn't make the "A" list (Daily Doses) because I almost always blog daily in some sort of fashion, but I'd have to agree with Dicky and especially as of late (to be explained in a sodium pentathol sort of way in the near future). So from now on I am going to work like hell and blog, blog, blog until I make that "Daily Doses" list; to be called up to the big show.
Just between you and me, I think the only ones on that list are those who are deep and personal friends of Dicky's, and those slipping him some cash-ola to increase their blog hits. I can only offer Rich
this song, tips on doing naked-reviews, how to finish races in the middle of the pack, personal grooming tips, and two cross country ski lessons absolutely free.

* for those of you wanting to know the rest of my morning routine after I surf, including my 'regularity issues' and the order in which I wash in the shower (cause I shower the same way every day), please e-mail for an unsensored video description.


dicky said...

You're going nuts with two posts ON A WEEKEND.
You might be trying too hard.

I might have to move you up to the big boy class.

BTW: I checked everybody on the list everyday for quite some time. I have to admit I only came here for the semi-nude photos.


the original big ring said...

What if I did full blown nudes? Would you come back every day?

I try (and like doing it), to blog everyday if I can. Life has been crazy stooopid busy lately. Hopefully things will settle down until my wife gives birth . . . . then I'm fuggged.


Anonymous said...

Richy boy rocks!
I met him about 5 years back now at transrockies...
then again and again over and over again I keep bumping into him at hundred milers, various stage races etc...

Hell of a rider!
All on a SS. Pretty damn impressive.
Up there with the best of them.

Never seen such a group party before 166km worth of racing and then to do it again after the race!
Wicked riders they are - Dejay, Fuzzy, TimmyD, etc...

Nothing beats Jeremiah Bishop though or Tinker.
Jeremiah is a race machine.
Tinker is just one fast old fart (30 years in the making)
Or, the likes of Marg Fedyna, Louise Kobin, etc... I always seem to end up racing along side them. Get'n down and personal... for riden' sakes.

They say it takes 10000 hours to create a pro racer (or 150,000 pedal strokes or so). I can just imagine what some of these boyz have on.