Friday, January 9, 2009

Anonymously Famous

After the last day of work, before Christmas break, we were heading out the door when the mailman arrived with a big envelope. Inside it was this . . . .

Remember The Goat? Well, he up and left North Carolina for the high mountains of Colorado. One day back in late Summer/early Fall he was flipping through Mountain Flyer Magazine (Number 10) - a Colorado specific mtn bike magazine which is published quarterly - and came across a report on The BC Bike Race and this photo.

He instantly recognized me and Curvy Butt's ugly mugs.
This photo was taken during stage six - it was a wicked fun stage: Squamish.

Despite not stopping us for an interview and taking our names (and I probably would have stopped) we made our way into a cycling magazine. Personally, I figured I would have stood a better chance of making it into a different magazine.

". . . . two riders enjoy another stage of the BC Bike Race."

I'm not sure how much 'enjoying' we were doing after five previous days of racing . . . . but it really was a wicked day.

Thanks Jeremy for sending up the magazine!


Misty said...

ha ha are awesomely famous!!!!!! I believe I have this copy of Mountain Flyer as well.....I've just never looked in it. I'll have to check it out and frame it!!

Kick ass Craig and Curvy Butt!

Joao said...

Great publicity for Kenda, that's what sponsoring is.
I don't know who is the Canadian XC champion, but this guy in Portugal knows who Craig Barlow is!!!
Have fun

Mark said...

Early in my riding career I appeared in an article in Mountain Bike Action, then a year later they used one of the pictures for a centerfold!

I am glad my 15 minutes of fame came from MTB!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy's indeed a prince. I hope his wheels are turning in happiness these days.

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