Sunday, January 11, 2009

I was feeling down yesterday and really didn't feel like doing anything. It's been one week since we said good-bye to Jacks. It's been a long, quiet week in the house. Everywhere I look there are memories of him. I come into a room and my eyes, out of habit, look for him expecting to see him laying in one of his favourite spots.

I knew that sitting around the house is no good for me, physically or mentally, so I forced myself to hook up with a group skiing yesterday. Tobin, Rick, Tanya and Al were all heading out for a long day of skiing in preparation of the Canadian Ski Marathon in February. 80km of skiing, back-to-back days for a total of 160km AND spending the night under the stars . . . . hardcore.

Tobin, Rick (both shooting for their Coureur des Bois Gold), Tanya (skiing for her first CSM and Coureur des Bois Bronze) and Al (who has done this many time will be helping out race staff by skiing as a sweep both days).

The trails were in pristine condition yesterday. Demsis is finally starting to learn how to groom properly. I didn't complete their 5+ hour ski, and opted to turn back after a little over an hour into the trails = just over two hours of skiing.

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

Good ski yesterday Big Ringers.
And another good one today in the backcountry, we missed you out there BR.
Sorry to hear you're missing Jacks so much. The house must feel a bit empty without him.