Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feats of Strength

I must be doing something right in my training because I exhibited two extradorinary, beyond human, feats of strength today. First, on the way to work I snapped my large chain ring in half.

I was crossing a busy street, stood up to pedal and SNAP!
I've never seen that happen before.
You can see in the photo below that the head on the chain ring bolt broke off, probably causing the ring to bend away from the crank, weaken and break. The daily freezing temperatures probably didn't help either.

They don't call me big ring for nothing!

Then, on returning home from work I open my backpack and the zipper tears out and splits.
I've had this bag for the past 12 years and it has served me very well all over the world and at home - it will be missed. But the timing couldn't be better with the luck we had the other night.


Anonymous said...

The cold is rough on stuff.
People just don't realize how rough it really is.
If all those people in vehicles ever had to bike to/from work in the morning due to some catastrophic failure in our ways (i.e. economy- which is all a bunch of horse shit...). They'd be fucked.

To bike in this shit - yah gotta be tough, mechanically inclined, and tough.

Most of the people I see in vehicles each and every morning like to think they are tough with their right foot exercising the pedal. But, when it comes to survival in this weather, they'd cry like little dolls being thrown down 100 flights of stairs.


Sandro said...

This is definitely not caused by the low temps, Craig is a beast,no normal human is able to destroy a chainring like this ;-))

Dan Frayer said...

Simply impressive. Will you email me the realistic images of birth?
love dan

Jerome said...

Wow, hammer time indeed.

the original big ring said...

Stop, you're making me blush.

What can I say, I am a giant killer!