Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prenatal, skiing on a beach, intervals and Banff

Two days without a post. Yes, things have been busy to say the least. Well, a combination of things being busy and me being lazy. I will admit though it's more of the former than the latter.

Be thankful it's only a cartoon. You wouldn't believe the shit that's on the interweb on labour and birth!

Prenatal Nervousness
Chris and I spent all day Saturday at a prenatal class. I was certainly dreading the day. I have ZERO experience with birth of any kind and a weak stomach for any kind of discharge, human or not, below the female equator. It was certainly an eye opening experience and very humbling. Throughout the day I had a nervous giddy laughter that I had to keep in check for fear of bursting out in chuckles during class with ten other couples present. I felt like a carbonated drink that's been shaken, waiting to explode, while witnessing videos and hearing what's inevitably going to happen. It has made this whole baby thing very real and with five weeks to go (maybe sooner, maybe later) it's getting real-er by the moment.

Skiing on the Beach
Sunday I hooked up with Zamboni, Mason and PapaG for a skate ski in the park. From the onset I had a number of things working against my favour for a favourable ski: one, I suck; two, I haven't been doing a lot of skate skiing this winter; three, the fellas are all faster and more consistent than I am; four, the snow was very cold and thus slow; and five, I suck. I have two speeds for skate skiing: stopped and redline. Unfortunately for me, in order to actually ski, I had to go redline pretty much the entire outing. My only consolation was that the boys suffered a little bit too with the cold snow temperatures made skate skiing comparable to skiing on a beach.

I'm really digging the power tap and actually, somewhat look forward to my training rides (talk to me again about this in another month). The little yellow box on my bars keep my little grey coloured brain occupied with numbers and info making the time tick away that much faster. Thanks to 'coach' for helping me find my zones, I'm working on some lower end threshold intervals which beats sitting at the same wattage for an entire workout. There's no guessing or estimating involved, and as Warren puts it, "It's a no bullshit meter."

Analysis from one 20 minute interval session at 70% of my MAP. Not sure if I should show this as my competition for this upcoming race season is most likely scouting my every training move.

Yesterday right after work I shot home on the commuter pig bike and jumped on the trainer - weird, I rode home outside to ride inside. Anyway, I got a good ride in yesterday (see above interval for part of it) then got ready so Chris and I could head out to hook up with some friends for dinner and take in the Banff Film Festival. The Bytowne was a full house with the healthy outdoorsie types eager to see this year's presentation of climbing, base jumping, skiing, kayaking, etc. At in the intermission the film presenters had a door prize draw of items from the sponsors of the film festival. Chris and I scored this little baby(did I say 'baby'? man, what's on my brain?!?!):

I was looking at replacing an older pack that has done it's tour of duty over the past ten or so years.

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WPG said...

Skating's a real b**ch. I had a skate lesson with my coach on Monday, and he assured me that soon I should be able to do an easy/recovery skate. Right now, I'm with you. It's like one gigantic hour long over the top interval. Today I classic.