Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today's four minute MAP test was redemption for Saturday's time trial explosion.

Careful what you talk about. Via e-mail today I was chatting to 'the coach' about my testing with the PowerTap and trying to find my power zones. He suggested I do a four minute MAP test. Basically, it tests your Maximum Aerobic Power, needless to say it hurt like hell. By the end of it my lungs and throat felt like a noobie ganja smoker at a reggae concert, and I was as dizzy. It took me a good while to recover from it before I was able to push my lungs back into my body through my nose with a pencil.


Joao said...

Maximum Aerobic Power - What is it?
Do you make the average pace on your Max. Power and you aply some maths to find your Power Zones?

Anonymous said...

good job buddy.

you rode the MAP test perfectly.

you are WAY stronger then you think grasshopper.



Peter M said...

Yeah, the great thing about a MAP test is that regardless of your fitness level, the last minute of it is, by definition, agonizing.