Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday r-tard best of blog

Happy Birthday Blog. It's two years old. I never would of thought that I'd keep this up for two years, let alone having people read what's in my brain for two years. Who's sicker - me for doing it or you for reading?!?

Back in January I mentioned about doing a "Best of" blog - a year in review dealio about the blog. All my contemporaries did theirs back in January. Not only am I a slower bicycle driver, but I am slow to catch on to pretty much everything. In my professional field, education (specifically special education), we would refer to someone like me as M.I.D. - meaning: mild intellectually delayed. 'Mild' is the key word here, and since I have not been formally tested so to pin point how delayed I am, 'mild' is open to interpretation by who ever experiences my intellect.

Whacked with a skipping rope. Whack. Whack.

Two years. Long time. If you're bored and got some time to kill, this is where it all began. Really though, I wouldn't bother - it's not very good. I'm always surprised by what people comment on when I post something. Some of the posts that I have spent the most time on (i.e. "How Iron Maiden and Professional Cycling Are Similar") usually get no responses it all and the ones I just throw up, put together willy nilly seem to get the most comments. Now I'm not posting just to receive comments which in turn validate my very existence and inflate my self esteem to a level equivalent to a depressed schizophrenic (somebody love me, tell me I am good, love me) . . . . okay, again, honestly I am - but I am bound by my contract with Blogger to say that I don't blog for that reason. What I have learned is not to try so hard in blogging and just 'blog' about whatever.

Fugg it. I don't feel like doing a "Best of". You do it for me.

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