Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heart rate, schmart rate

There's something wacky going on with my PowerTap heart rate monitor. It seems to be working one second, the next it seems to turn off. Check out the peaks and valleys above in red.

I got a short workout in after work today (my third ride this week of four workouts planned for this week). Started out doing a 15 min warm up, followed by 15 minutes of isolated leg reps (1 min one leg, 1 min the other, then one minute spinning & repeat), 15 minutes of low'ish tempo, and finally 15 minutes of endurance pace. Breaking it up in smaller segments makes the ride go by that much quicker. It was actually a test run of the 3 hour workout I have planned for Saturday.

The Saris Cycling Group obviously sees some great potential in me and are very interested in my training because I regularly receive the CyclopsPower Training Newsletter by e-mail. Can you say that? I sound pretty important don't I? Yes, you'd better look up at me when I'm speaking as I tower above you in greatness. Actually, to be honest, they'll send it out to anyone who subscribes.

Saturday's workout is based on Lindsay Corbin's workout (clicky clicky to see her article). The only thing to do now is find a video long enough that I can leave in so I don't have to stop and get off the trainer.

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