Friday, February 20, 2009

Change of Plans

Intermontane Challenge is going to have to wait for this year.
Just because I can't go doesn't mean you shouldn't !

I had originally planned on heading out to Kamloops towards the end of July to do the Intermontane Challenge. After doing the BC Bike Race last summer, I've been dreaming of doing my next stage race. Unfortunately, money and time are going to be restricting me from doing such a costly adventure. Sucks donkey, but what are you going to do.

So, instead I'm tentatively (90% certain that I am going) scheduling The Wilderness 101 race, which takes place down in Pennsylvania (only a seven or so hour drive away!) on the 1st of August. The Wilderness 101 is one race apart of the National Ultra Endurance Race Series.

It's a "Hundie" or a hundred mile (160km) race is a long day in the saddle. Despite not being able to make it out west this summer, this is giving me something to really look forward to.

I've been reading as many race reports as I can about it. Anyone do it before, got any insiders tips?


Misty said...

HMMMM.....really!!! I'm gonna have to meet up with you for that one for sure!!! You're only a short drive from me at that point!

shockstar said...

see you there!

Big Bikes said...

The 101 is a good one. Done it twice,
probably going to do it gain this year. One time it went well (it was pre-blog for me so no report), another time NOT SO WELL.


WPG said...

If you're really jonesing for a stage race this year, you might want to look at Crank the Shield as a less expensive option. I did it last year; and aside from the mud/bogs, it was a great three day experience.

the original big ring said...

Misty, Shock & Big - looking forward to hooking up down in PA.

WPG - Crank doesn't interest me in the least and to be honest I haven't heard too many good things about it and I knew lots of people doing it - swamps and atv roads with very little single track, not for me.