Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I probably should have trained Sunday, but I didn't. My baboon sized taint had other ideas after sitting on this for three hours on Saturday. Besides, I had better things to do. Like take a nap.

Sunday afternoon cat nap with Mrs. Pibbs.

Yes, Mrs. Pibbs. We got her from The Ottawa Humane Society when she was just under a year old. She had had a litter of kittens before we got her, so we can only assume that she was married in a kitty-cat-chapel before having 'relations'. I got no place in my house for some floozy pet.

Then me and Prego went for a waddle (ever see a pregnant woman walk?!) on the Rideau Canal - the longest skate way in the world despite what Winnipeg says. Nope, we didn't skate - not a great idea for an almost nine month pregnant woman to be doing double axles and triple lutzs. So we figured the next week or two is the last wee bit of 'couple' time we'll have - it was a beauty day to be out and about.

Monday was 'Family Day' here in Ontario = no work! Whooohaaa! Most of my chump friends work for the federal government and hence had to work - suckas. I took advantage of the warm temps and blue sky and got out for a skate ski loop of the park all by myself.

Snow was a bit granular - which made it wicked fast skate skiing.

Beavers came out in the warm temperatures the past week to fell some trees - some fell across the trail.

Warm temperatures made for some melting and run-off, freezing into walls of ice at night and in the shade.

It was by far the best skate skiing conditions of the year. Super fast, firm and well groomed. Get out while you can.

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