Monday, February 2, 2009

Rest/Wax Evening

Sometimes you have to listen to the body, especially when it shouts at you. I don't think I've been over-doing-it lately, but if feels like it. Maybe yesterday's skate ski with PapaG wore me out - which by the way was a wicked awesome ski; best of the year for me! Hopefully he'll have a report up on the blog soon that I can poach some photos from.

So instead of getting a workout in I opted to get some necessary ski maintenance done.

I've neglected my classic skis lately and it shows with the amount of kick wax I was able to scrape off. How many colours can you make out?

Mmmm . . . . great big wax booger.

LinkThree sets of skis to be done. One is Tanya's, who dropped by to get her skis ready for the CSM this weekend.

I work on them from the right to the left, and rotate through. Clean, brush, wax, cool - switch - clean, brush, wax, cool - switch . . . . then, scrape, brush, wax, cool - switch - and so on and so on. The trick is to keep them in order and remember what wax you've put on.

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Papa G said...

Been busy, busy, busy... Promise to have something up on the blog very soon!
Papa G