Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sick and a soak

A hot soak yesterday and lots of sleep made me feel a little better.
Duckman would be proud!

Thursday was my day off, Friday I was planning on skiing after work - but it just didn't happen. Friday's are usually a write-off for me anyway. Something happens to the brain and body and it just wants to shut down on Fridays after a long week of working with knuckleheads. This Friday was no different and even compounded by a looming cold/flue. Last weekend I battled through it by taking ColdFX (which REALLY works). However, it lingered in my system all this week, sitting on it's haunches waiting to bite me in the ass. And Saturday it did. Felt all achy and sore all day/night yesterday and ended up doing nothing all day.

Today is my long ride. Going to play it by ear (and legs, and lungs and muscles) and see what happens.


Dan Frayer said...

don't let the kids see you sweat, or sit in the tub.
love dan

the original big ring said...

It's okay, I'm a never nude: