Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter Beater vs Time Trial Beauty

Is this going to last, until I get this?
My commuter has taken a beating this winter.
How does my bike compare to coach's new TT machine? You tell me.


Michael MacDonald said...


Anonymous said...

like your beater machine. The other would break in a second and very limited use...

Return on investment is greater on the beater machine.
(from a business standpoint)

The Vegan Vagabond said...

you should use that tt bike for your 5 minute commute, turn it into a 2.5 minute commute. skin suit and tt helmet and all.

Anonymous said...

oh boy, this is ONE funny posting Mr. Barlow! now let's see...I think your ROI is better with the beater...however, it depends on the value associated with time-trialing...and then we have to break it down on time spent on and off the bike, family time vs. training time., vs. getting paid to do your job.

did you get paid to do this post? ya WEASAL!

don't forget to tell them that it has internal cable routing for the SRM power meter...and I can ride it whenever I feel like riding it...just not now, when its all salty and snowy...thats Cx bike weather.

jeepers man, yer hilarious.