Friday, March 6, 2009


Bet you were wondering if we (and when I say "we" I mean 'my wife') had our baby yesterday since I didn't post up anything yesterday. Nope. Not yet. Sorry.

The reason(s) for the Fat Bastard video above is two fold, just like his belly . . . . . hhahaha, sometimes I slay myself. First, he says "Baby" a lot - what can I say, I got baby on my brain. Second, he says "Get in my belly!", the exact opposite of what we want. Third, I like his Scottish accent, which has nothing to do with having this baby - unless it comes out wearing a kilt.

I hope my wife finds the humor in all of this and doesn't take it like I am comparing Fat Bastard to her . . . though she tells me daily she feels like a fat bastard. She looks great despite what she says or feels.


LennyG said...

Turtlehead... cracks me up. Now hurry up and get that baby out of Christine's belly!

May I suggest that you blog every 12 hours so that the next time there is a long gap between postings we can all presume it's because you're at the hospital!?!

Anonymous said...

good point Lenny...Craig...keep the blog updated, will ya? its not like you have anything better to do...except prepare your senses for putrid diapers. ;-) OH man, lucky you! no turtle heads poking out there!

all the best, goodluck at the hospital!


Anonymous said...

Love fat bastard.
I;m hungraay.

gwadzilla said...


you are soon to be blogging about the pros and cons of the bike trailer versus the kid seat

or maybe you will become part of the Xtracycle Cult

who knows...

what every way you go... I support you