Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stubborn and hammered

First bit of hump day (teeee heee heee, hump day) news: no baby yet. The little bugger is a lot more patient than I am. But then again, if I was all snuggly and warm and covered in goo having my food delievered to me, not having to work everyday I'd probably want to stay put too. So we'll be on our toes for the next week or so at any little pang that happens in the nether regions - and when 'I' say 'we' you know I really mean 'her'. Chris also got weighed yesterday, and without going into the numbers, let's just say that if she was the catch of the day, she'd be a trophy fish that take you a few hours to land . . . ."It was this big!!!!" (hands outstretched while saying it). The doctor said it was mostly all water (and an aprox. 8.5 lbs of baby!). When her water does break, you'll be able to surf the crest of the wave . . . . . Charlie don't surf!

Other news, I've been ordered off the bike for a wee bit. I've been seeing a massage/A.R.T. therapist for a few weeks about my troublesome left handstring and abductor muscle which has been bugging me since summer. I'm having issues with the muscle, but also the nerve in and around the area that's bugging me. Yesterday he turned my hammy to mush; I felt like he was using a meat tenderizer to work out the muscle.

The man with the hammer.

So a wee bit of down time, no big deal I guess. This was the last week of my base training anyway (not that I am following any sort of training regime, I know how much man of you out there love a structured training program . . . . isn't it funny that the people who say that they hate training, don't do it and 'just ride' are already fast!), and I have a rest week next week. I've been okay'ed to do some light spinning, but that's it on the bike. Hopefully this weekend is nice and the conditions are good to get out for some skate skiing.

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Big Bikes said...

Charlie Don't Surf.
I was watching "We Own The Night" last night and thinking to myself "Was Robert Duvall ever young?". He seems to have been playing old men for longer than I've been alive. Given, he is about 80 years old now but the only time I could recall seeing him play a young man was as Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird.
That was almost 50 years ago. I had a point, wait, no I didn't, I'll just trail off know and go finish my coffee.