Thursday, March 19, 2009

Climbing in my sleep

I've got lots of friends with kids. All the Dads warned me about sleep deprivation once I had my own. I've always smiled, felt bad for the suckas, and took their advice (or warning) with a grain of salt. Really, how bad could it be?! I don't sleep well as it is, so getting up through the night shouldn't be such a big deal.

Fugg me! I'm a chump. In the last two and a half days I've slept a grand total of 7 hours during the night. It's not that my new little itty bitty baby isn't sleeping during the night, cause she is - in-between feedings, diaper changes, burps and farts. And to go hand in hand with the expression, "sleeps like a baby", she does! Me on the other hand, takes me quite a while to get back to sleep, and follow the expression, "sleeps like a trucker hopped up on mountain due and pep pills." Also throw in regular visits by the nursing staff to check in on Chris (I'm sleeping at the hospital each night. . . . on a cot that not only folds in half vertically for storage purposes, but folds in half lengthwise while you sleep - it's really quite lovely and comfortable to be squished between to steel bed rails on a plastic coated foam mattress that has no support - really).

I've been able to get a way for a little escape the past few days while Chris' mom does the day shift. I got out for a great ride on Tuesday - high on the whole birthing process, I was flying. Wednesday I crashed and burned, sleeping instead of going for a ride. Today, I forced myself out the door to get some hill work in after a two hour nap.

Rode in a blurr today. Sunny, clear skies for the most part, but windy and much cooler than the past few days.

Notch Road.
High-ho, high-ho. It's off climbing I go.

Passed #15 trail - getting dirty, icy and run down. Still tonnes of snow left in the woods - will be weeks before the trails are ready.


Sandro said...

Know the feeling, and in 2 month I have to go through all that again. Enjoy it and if you are lucky in a week or two she will sleep 6-7 hours in 1 go.
Ps: You look tired :-)

King said...

It get`s easier.

Dan Frayer said...

the thought of babies farting makes me smile.


gwadzilla said...

she has you sleepless now...

just wait until she is 16 and has not come home by her curfew!


she is going to be a little ripper!

HELL(cat) ON WHEELS said...

Hey -- this too shall pass, trust me, I KNOW, I've got 5 little money suckers that I gave birth to myself and geez the time flies and never fear the older your wee one gets, you will be able to sleep through anything from sheer exhaustion, however circumstances will dictate that you don't :)...granted, you'll walk the floor wide awake the first time she drives to work alone and back, the first date she goes on, the first time she goes to Prom... no rest for the weary... Congrats and lots of fun times ahead!

Anonymous said...

wait until your wife starts too loose sleep. Pay attention.. give attention...
I went biking. Wife went chasing...

Anonymous said...

I'd give yah some tips on it...
but who is gonna listen.

for me,
wife spent times with kids from age 1-3.
kids didn't need mom after age 3 as much.
wife went looking for me.
I was out biking all the time.
wife went chasing the deli man...
no more wife.

Get to know the cycles of life or it will bite

Again, all depends on the wife and a couple of other factors.

Life changes with kids.