Friday, March 27, 2009

An Evening of Race Registration

I spent a little while Friday evening narrowing down the race schedule (I got a little over ambitious, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, I bit off more than I can chew . . . . you get the idea) as it was slightly lofty and was going to cost a lot to do (travel expense, race registration expense and time away from my little family expense). So I feel better about the schedule taking shape; it seems to be morphing weekly and will probably change again and again.

I was excited to be registering for some of these races and had someone to share in the excitement. The Peanut kept me company while mommy got some much needed sleep.

Elsa wasn't nearly as excited. She ended up falling asleep.

I did finally get my arse registered for some. It's my birthday in a wee bit (e-mail me for a mailing address for presents, e-mail address is over there ---------->, please send me lots of stuff, bike related would be useful, monetary gifts would also gladly be accepted, don't be shy, tell your friends!), so this was my present(s) to myself. Kind of sick really . . . . I'm giving myself some future suffering. I don't really need anything or want anything material, so this is what I'm splurging on . . . . . suffering. Lovely. I don't even need to wrap them.

So far races paid for and positively scheduled in:

- more to come.

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