Friday, March 27, 2009

In a van down by the river

Yesterday evening something finally arrived from Vassago. I was so excited that I pulled it out of the box, rushed to Phat Moose (best bike shop in town!) to pick up my parts and get the headset pressed in and hurry home to start building it. I was so happy because I've got the Ice Breaker (have to add it to my list of races - it kind of just fell into place in scheduling and visitingin family) coming up on April 5th which I was going race on it. Once at home I stuck it in the bike stand to begin work on it when I noticed something a bit odd about it . . . .

. . . . whatever could have been wrong?
Stay tunned.

While at The Moose, I ran into my old buddy (he's not so old though) Greg Z. - who knows a few things or two about bakeries, let me tell you. He was there too getting his flashy new stealth bomber ready for the season.

Is some guy selling these things out of the a back of a van or something?! If you remember correctly, Coach also has one. It's no coincidence as him and Greg are riding for the same team this year.

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