Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Melty snow and hills

Headed across the river this afternoon after work to do some hill work in La belle province. On the way over I decided to check out the bike paths beside the river. Only three or four spots on my way to Champlain Bridge - none very long.

As far as I got on the Gat Parkway - don't despair, it's melting fast.

I also rode back up into the park to check the road conditions after a warm then very wet Sunday and Monday. If you remember on Saturday Curvy Butt and I checked it out but you couldn't get very far. Today you could get to the top of the slight climb after the Boulevard St Raymond overpass on the Gatineau Parkway from the Gameline entrance.

Along the Parkway . . . . someone didn't have a very good ski.

Skyridge is a short but steep'ish little climb. No traffic makes it great for those fast, short & explosive hill
climb intervals . . . if you're into that sort of thing.

Rode along Chemin De la Montagne (and almost got taken out by some dick-wad in a jeep - thanks fugger!) to do some hill work on/up/over Notch Rd. On my way over I stopped and did five or six (I say five or six because I got dizzy and nearly passed out, let-alone remembering how many intervals I actually did) short, hard intervals up Rue Skyridge.

After finishing up on Notch I ran up the path beside the Notch Road overpass to check further along on the Gatineau Parkway. Still quite a bit of snow, but it will go fast.

Looking the opposite direction.

You can check out what the north end of the park looks like here.

Coming home along the Ottawa River - chunky, lumpy, icy bits float by.

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

We need to find someone with a snowplow. Then we could do a covert midnight plowing of the Gat Loop!!