Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Racing Sans Clothing

This is my last week of "Build One" - a three week block, followed by a rest week. If you are familiar with Joel Friel, you know what I am talking about. In the build phase you are gradually increasing workload, specifically in the area of intensity. For me this has meant more time in higher powerzones trying to increase my wattage. For example, yesterday I did hill repeats (sustained long'ish ones and short intense ones). It is during this time where I start to become incredibly stronger and develop legs like these:

Hans, Franz, and Deitre.
Touch my monkey.

I've been feeling pretty good and have been 'in-the-training-groove' - considering the past couple of weeks I brought a new life into this world, got sick, had my life thrown upside down . . . . I think I've done pretty well.

However, the past few days I've been reading blogs and cycling related info on weight, diet, etc. which has gotten me down a bit. Perhaps you recall a while back that I was giving up getting on the scale and worrying about weight? I was just going to ride and eat smart. I figured that since my workload on the bike increased, my weight would naturally come off without even having to try. However, I've had the feeling that I haven't dropped as much weight as I would like.

That feeling was proven correct today. Every year around my birthday I make an appointment to have my annual physical done. Ever since my Dad past away from cancer I make a point to do this every year (You should too!). I don't mind the testing of this and that, pee in the cup, poking here, listening there, coughing, saying "Ahhhhhh", fiddling with your business below the equator, knees to the chest & finger in bum (okay, maybe I mind that) . . . .what bothered me the most was getting weighed. God Damn it, I hadn't lost a pound. Bugger me.

So I went from feeling like this, to this:

Yes, that is male onset camel toe.

I'm only ten pounds (yeah, I can hear the roadies everywhere [well maybe not everywhere - roadies don't read my blog] gasp and tutt - tutt at me) over where I need to be. I'm sure I can make that by the beginning/mid of May. But it's the timing of this stark reality that has struck a blow to my morale. With my first race this season on Sunday I was hoping to go into it feeling confident and light on the toes.

What are you going to do? Considering the nature of this race, the Uxbridge Icebreaker (clicky,click for conditions) - the name alone giving hints as to what the conditions and weather will be like - maybe I can make it work to my advantage. With my 'extra' layer of insulation, I should be able to get away with very little or even no clothing. Of course, I'll have to wear a helmet and bike shoes. The weight savings could possibly even me out with where I'd like to be in regards to my weight.
(**Oh, the course is going to be wet, very muddy, gross, icy, snowy and cold.)

The question is, where will I store my gel, spare tire and air cartridge?!?!?!

Alas, in the big scheme of things this race is not an important one, a "C" or "D" race if you will. It wasn't even on the radar until week or so ago, chance would have us traveling near the venue and I juggled some things to make it fit in. I'm still getting my already scheduled training rides in (speaking of which, anyone want to hook up tomorrow around 3:30- 4 pm to do the Manotick loop with me? High endurance with some tempo work thrown in. Anyone?), so it's not like I'm preparing for this race and resting up for it. It will just be another training ride that I want to make fun . . . . after all, isn't that why we race, for fun?


Big Bikes said...

Once you up the intensity the weight should come off, no problem. You know it is very Pro to go into the season ten pounds overweight. They say you lose most of it at the first team training camp. When is that again? I need to check my calendar and figure out when mine is.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I'd join ya on your loop but its too damn early. Wish I got off that early!

Anonymous said...

so did those guys pass the urine sampling test? guessing from Germany, probably on the German track team "program".

the snow up in the park melting good?

I am riding tonight...when are you going?