Monday, March 2, 2009


This is me on the trainer Sunday.

Really the blog post should read: Missing in Inaction.

My three hour-Lord of the Rings - training ride didn't happen yesterday. The Princess Diaries movie was on TV, so I watched that instead. Actually, what I really did all day yesterday was lay in bed and slept. I absolutely had no motivation or energy or focus to do anything Sunday . . . . maybe I'm still fighting this flue/cold thing.

I did do a two hour charity (Spread the Net) spin session Saturday with Kari at a gym though, so I got a little ride time in. Long ride is still planned, but will happen today after work, and yes, I will be watching the final Lord of the Rings movie.

Any suggestions for next weeks movie?

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shockstar said...

braveheart, gladiator, rocky horror picture show