Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poopies, sleepies, Leafies and wrenchies

With having a baby everything you say and do must for now and forever be all cutsie wootsie. So from here on out all my blog post titles will end in "ies".

Was supposed to head out on this ride today, however, lack of sleep and on-the-go'ness has caught up to me and I am starting to get sick from being run down. I opted to listen to the body and take today off to rest and do some baby duty.

Baby dooty indeed!

My rear tire went KAAAA-PLOOOOO-EEEEEE during Saturday's ride. This morning Elsa's bum did the same thing. Results are very different.

Best sleep ever - nappy while at the hospital. This should win me some "SNAG" and chick points (don't tell my wife).

Again, I never thought I'd be so tired. Babies are A LOT of work and I'm finding all my leisure time (blogging, reading blogs, working in the workshop, procrastinating, sending hate mail, plotting my eventual overthrow of the world, training for the Tour, learning new karate moves, and so on) disappearing. I shouldn't complain cause I've got a beauty of a baby and I'm still fitting the rides in and finding a few moments to blog-o-blog.

What's not to love?!

While Elsa dozed I slipped on these:

- which I believe was the reason why the Leafs beat Montreal last night, much to the chagrin of Lenny. Though out of the play-offs (sigh . . . . again . . . . sigh), it's fun to watch them spoil the Habs chances of moving on.

With riding outside so much lately I'm getting antsy to hit the trails. It'll be a couple weeks still I imagine before we're ready to roll on them. So, today I'm getting the Jabber ready for the season. The legs will be ready to spin the King 18T by then.


Jerome said...

Dude, don't do that to your girl! She'll wake up in a panic attack! I can send some Flames slippers instead. She'll turn out better that way!

Anonymous said...

Babies are A LOT of work and I'm finding all my leisure time

-- yah ain't seen nothing yet...
All is sweet now. Wait until sht comes out of both ends.
They are sweet though...
Till they get to be teenagers..
What you teach them now will be less pain later on.
Enjoy it while they are young.
When they get older, they don't want to be near yah...

Anonymous said...

Fun things to do with kids:
the animal farm off Fallowfield
maple syrup farm
let them bomb down a hill on their bike...

enjoy it while they are young. Cause they aren't young forever.