Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shortest Trip South Ever

Leonard and I headed to the south of the border right after work today to pick up a team order at the Corporate Centre. In the past we've had UPS deliver the team's sponsorship packages, but get nailed in brokerage fees, taxes, duty, and so on. You hope that each time you go through the experience it won't be like the last one . . . . . kind of like going to the doctors for a rectal exam. You know it's necessary, hope for the best and wish for the best outcome. However, it usually ends in realizing his hands are on both of your shoulders while the exam is going on. Eeeiiyiiiiyeeee!

From Ottawa to the border crossing in Ogdensburg, NY is only about 45 minutes. A quick trip, well worth the drive to avoid the cost involved with shipping.

As soon as we crossed the border we saw this parked at the US customs office.

Camo and big ass vee-hic-cils.
What?! No roof mounted machine gun.

From the time we cleared customs, heading into the the US, to the time we picked up our goodies and crossed back into Canada was approximately 11 minutes. No lie. Lenny was expecting, er . . . . hoping for, a cavity search - but to his disappointment things went smoothly. Not only is getting things shipped there way cheaper, it's way faster. UPS and guaranteed three day delivery my ass! I've never gotten anything from UPS in a timely manner.

Bridge out of the US into the True North Strong and Free.


The Heckler said...

Holy crap - that was just about as dull as the last post!!! I can just see tomorrow's legendary literary lines: "I woke up, and dumped. I was suprised to see that it had formed a shape that reminded me of pretzels. I hate pretzels. These pretzels are makin' me thirsty!!!" On second thought, that actually far more entertaining that this Mad About You type dribble of late. At least thrill us, and show us what you picked up.

I'm warning you...I'll stop reading if you don't get those creative juices flowing again. C'mon Chaucer, pen us up some dang ol' entertainment.

Big Bikes said...

I have spent probably a cumulative day at Canadian/U.S. border crossings. It is not fun. When I was all Snowboardery-Brah back in the early nineties I drove a pick up truck with a mural I had spray-painted on it myself. They loved me for that.

Highlight moment:
Customs agent opens up a I don't know how many month old bagel and hummus wrapper full of green, moldy chunks, "Bingo!". We actually got to see his supervisor laugh hysterically at him then walk away shaking his head.

Can't wait to come up to Tremblant in May!


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