Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm out of line?! You're out of line!

Sitting in front of the computer can't help.

Actually, I am out of line . . . . alignment that is.

Ever since the BC race I've had a nagging painful hamstring issue. Over the winter it seemed to get worse. I was getting massage therapy and A.R.T. back in January and February, which I thought was helping, but the problem kept persisting. I finally got my family doctor to refer me to a sports specialist doctor.

Last week I went to see Dr. Frankovich. I've seen her before for a problem left knee and she put me in the right direction, so I was sure she'd get to the root of the problem. And she did.

Apparently my left hip and leg are out of alignment. It's cause is from muscle, tendon and ligament imbalance. Also, despite stretching regularly, my left hamstring is super tight. What's more is because of the imbalance I am also experiencing localized sciatica from the left glute to the back of my left knee. As a result of this mis-alignment (is that a word?), my left leg and hip is slightly turned in and the leg is a wee bit shorter.

So it's off to physiotherapy I go later this week. The good news is she wants me to keep riding, since I experience no pain while on the bike.


Anonymous said...

Dude - you're a freak. And by the way, that's gotta be the most boring post ever. No nakedness? No bike porn? One more post like that, and I'll stop reading your blog, and then you're mighty readership is going to plummet from three to two.

the original big ring said...

Hahaahhaa . . . mighty readership! That's a good one. I'm surprised that people even comment, let alone read the dribbly dribbly poo I write.

rick is! said...

my middle leg is slightly out of alignment as well but I've come to except the extra lenght as an unfortunate outcome.