Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stuck on Third

I can't help myself, I'm stuck on my turd place finish . . . . I guess it's better than being stuck on me. Ha, I slay myself.

I was able to pry myself from staring at myself in the mirror and admiring how awesome I am for coming in third at this weekend's race to grace you with a blog post. I can honestly say, as of right now with all the mtn bike races run in the province so far this season, that I am hands-down the third fastest single speeder in Ontario. Yes, no easy feat. I warned you, I'm soaking this once in a lifetime performance for all it's worth . . . I figure another week or so worth of posts.

*in case you're new here, you must know that I am not serious about my *achem* accomplishment

I'm in a recovery week. Good timing with the race on the weekend and going hard - the body could use a little break. The timing couldn't be better either in regards to the 'ride outside factor'. Weather here in Ottawa has been absolute crap (got kaa-kaa on the brain today for some reason) the past couple of days and including tomorrow. Snow, cold temperatures. Upside is the long weekend is looking stellar.

My ride details for the weekend are "iffy" at best. Remember the photo below?

Thursday, March 26th I received the above box but didn't let you know what was so odd. It was the wrong size sent - D'oh! I got the correct one today. Yay! I don't have all my parts - D'oh! They may be here tomorrow. Yay! They may not - D'oh!

What hangs in limbo is if I'm going to get this built in time for The Hell of the North on Sunday. I'll be heading to the race if I get a cx bike built up, a mtn bike just won't do for this gravel road
dirt grinder. The meat and potatoes are here (frame) but I am still waiting on a few parts - I should know by Thursday if I can make this work or not.

I was working in the workshop (I guess that's why they call it a workshop . . . . if I was doing nothing would it be called a lolly-gagging shop?) and heard this tune on CBC 2 by Jeremy Fisher - it's about riding a bike, fun little song if you can get through the intro.

That is all.


Rodd Heino said...

if you need anything lemme know
i have *ahem* a few bits

the original big ring said...

thanks Rodd, may just take you up on that offer!