Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Road Loopity Loop

Sunny skies, warm'ish temperatures, and little wind - a perfect day for a long ride.

Lenny & I sitting and waiting for Gilles at Champlain Bridge, it's 12:30 pm and no Gilles. Not a surprise. Gilles has a time management problem. What was a surprise is that two minutes later he showed up. Yay!

On our route to do the Ottawa-Wakefield -Cantley Loop, we rode . . . and walked . . . . through Gatineau Park. All the snow that I came across on Wednesday was melted. I wasn't expecting to find more, but found it we did. This long patch was on the hill just before the Kingsmere overpass.

OBR and sunny blue skies.

More blue skies as the fellas climb away from Wakefield. Gilles should have been flying up this with heaps of energy after stuffing his face at the bakery in town. Coke and sugar, sticky buns - lunch of champions.

Lenny and Gilles on the climb just pass Edelweiss. But wait, where is Stefano?

Peek-a-boo! There he is. There he is.

Map from a previous loop I did back on March 29th. Slightly different route today cutting through the park.


Peter M said...

Phat Tony and I went out at 0800, turned around at that impasse before the Kingsmere overpass and backtracked up to Champlain. Blacks is clear. The loop should be open in a couple of days!

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Wow! First Kanata and now the loop is almost there. Its like Christmas in April!! Minus the snow...sorta.

I've been amazed the huge quantity of sugary goodness Gilles can pack away during a ride. Its very impressive.

the original big ring said...

AND he doesn't gain a pound! I think I put on 2.75 lbs just by inhaling fumes from the bakery.

Anonymous said...

thats priceless! so the snow is on its way out, sweet!!

Craig, that ride you guys did, how long is it KM wise...and what is the terrain like hill wise...

I need to create some Quebec routes...otherwise, I'll be heading to Eganville to complete my Hillier then Thou ride in the coming weeks a few times.



the original big ring said...

W - we'll talk re. routes.