Saturday, April 19, 2008

Due to some unforeseen & unexpected events I ended up having to take yesterday off from work. And although it was the most beautiful day we've had so far this year, I barely had a chance to enjoy it. Fortunately, I was able to get out in the late afternoon with Mark for a solid ride. I had no idea how to dress for the ride yesterday - it's soooo nice to finally have nice weather after the long, long winter.

Mr. Curvy Bum

We rode from my place and did a Manotick loop. The plan was to keep the heart rate working at a steady state . . . . but some how we managed to end up pushing into our interval zones.
Came back in through town, over the Champlain Bridge and into the Gats to have-a-look-see how the snow was melting on the parkway.

It was plus 24 yesterday, but funny, as soon as we hit Champlain Bridge, the temperature dropped about five degrees due to all the cold water rushing by.

We got just almost as far as to the top of the first little rise after the overpass - just past Gameline. Very disappointing indeed. This time last year I was climbing up Blacks.

Returned home to find some lounge lizards. Jacks guarding the only patch of snow left in the yard. He's a snow dog for sure - he'd be happy if it was winter all year long!

And Chris soaking up the sun. Check out those white pasty legs!

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