Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do as I say!

I meant to get this up Thursday night after the ride . . . . however, what I do lately is not dictated by me. I'd much rather dictate what I do. I would like to be a dictator. Not a mean one wielding potatoes or anything like that, cause that's just not me.

Potato for you?! No potato!

Like I said, when was it? my last post . . . . ? Yes, I took the Jabber (which, I know, have not yet done a proper 'coming out' presentation for - coming out of what?!) to KL Thursday night for the OMBA ride.

Ain't she purdy and all shiny? I had just waxed her before I took this picture - yes, I wax my bikes. Notice, no headbadge! Shocking. I've become anonymous.
I hope someone down in Maryland is seeing this? We need something special for The Burt (for those of you who don't know why I am calling it 'The Burt', be patient little ones . . . . all will be revealed), don't we Kris and Misty? Something firey and gold! Whoot!

Put a big ass 22T Surly cog on and I was ready to go. Those with good eyes will notice the shitty, rusty chain . . . . yep, not like me at all. The chain that I was using for the 18T wouldn't work for the larger cog, so I had to recycle an old chain. Some Progold lube cleaned it right up! In this gear combo I could ride everything with ease. It was nice to be able to spin up things and not have to focus on getting on top of the gear to clear obstacles. I also ran my 29'er Kenda Nevegals with low air pressure, which acted as some nice suspension and hooked up on everything, despite the wet, greasy conditions on the rocks and roots.

The Jabberwocky handled everything I rode incredibly well. It feels very balanced and with a slightly slacker headtube angle than the Niner, it flows over the bumpy stuff with ease. I was impressed with how it handles and as the ride went on, I became more and more comfortable and confident on it. More to come.

John B. coming off Camel Hump . . . . or is it Camel Toe?!
Ewwww . . . that just doesn't sound right.

Mike and Lenny.
I even donned my baggies to fit in with the free riders. If I had worn my race-boy shorts, they might laugh and taunt me, then I would cry. Dictators don't cry.

* big "Hello" to reader(s) in Scotsdale, Arizona looking for the meaning of life!

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