Thursday, June 5, 2008

OMBA ride

Last night the Vegan Vagabond, Curvy Butt and myself made our way into the Gats for a little hill training. Hit the #40 a few times. Anyone know the 40? It's got a few steep pitches to it. I took the single speed, as my rear wheel on the Niner is being rebuilt by the boys at the Moose. The Jabberwocky climbs real nice (as nice as climbing can be stuck in one gear!) . . . . front wheel did not want to leave the ground. I get a very centered feeling while riding this bike. More on it later.

We then headed over to Fortune to get a lap or so in before getting me back in town on time. Ran into Steve and Joey there, who I bet were training for their tag coming up in a few weeks. It was a wee bit slippery and muddy last night, but still a lot of fun. Too much air pressure in the tires to get a feeling of what technical terrain the Jabber can handle.

I'll get a better idea tonight. I'm going to head out to Kanata and hook up with the OMBA ride. I've only been out to one ride with them over the past year. Large numbers and frequent stops don't gel with the training program. One night won't kill me though and it'll be nice to test out the Vassago on all the rocks and roots with the right air pressure. I also received today a 22T cog to try out. Running a 2:1 gear ratio out in KL is do-able, but ain't purdy! Will post up some pictures later.

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Unknown said...

I missed the OMBA ride by 5 minutes and never found you guys first nor last. It did get dark and slippery so you must have had a good test of the new bike.