Thursday, August 20, 2009

Empty Tin

Vermonts own - Bag Balm

I bought this here can of Bag Balm about four years back. It's served me well.

If it's good enough for Shania, it's good enough for me.
Are you shitting me Shania - you rub it on your face AND hair? WTF? I mean, it's for cows utters . . . . come the f*ck on . . . . I thought I was pushing the envelope rubbing it on my nether regions.
* if you think that I'm making that up, click on old Shania up there and check it out for yourself. She's a freak.

But unfortunately . . . it's out. I actually ran out at the beginning of the season, but just got around to cleaning the tin.

I've cleaned out the tin and got it all shinny and new. I don't want to throw it out - it's a good memory for my ass. What shall I keep in here?

Best answer will receive a prize. Really. An honest to goodness prize.
I recently received a product that a company wants me to test out and they passed along samples, so that's the prize and maybe a few other knick knacks. I ain't going to tell you what the product is yet though . . . that's coming next week.

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dz nuts - protect your junk

I have been using dznuts this past season and really like it. The Bag Balm was good, but left an oily, greasy, Vaseline feeling to the underside. dznuts is much nicer, works really well and smells good. After I'm done smearing it all over my chamois, I pat the rest on my face, neck and chest - drives the women mad - like Shania.

**You may be wondering why I am not doing a Naked Gear Review for dznuts . . . . I've decided that I'm only dropping my drawers for companies who are willing to pony up. No free rides here. And really, do you want to see me actually use dznuts for what it was intended for?

I thought not.

Potential companies wanting to me to shake what my momma gave me to lure peering eyes on your products, you can e-mail me to set something up.
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And since I only have one glorious sponsor . . . . . a review is in the works - stay tunned**


Peter Keiller said...

trail mix.
that's what you should keep in there.

then it's always about the nuts.

Anonymous said...

I'm sponsored by KY!!!

Everyone knows that if its good enough for humping, its gotta be good enough for when we dress up like little fee-fees in our tight costumes ready to bike...

KY rules!
Use it on your nuts and your ass.
Then, you can stop for a beat off as well...
multi-purpose usage.

Matt Surch said...

Yowsa anon.

I too love da nutz. DZ's nutz that is. Wait, that sounds wrong....

For your tin, I suggest belly button lint. If you wear lots of merino shirts like me, you'll have lots of high end lint to collect. Then, when you have enough, you can spin it back into thread and make a cozy for your DZ nutz.

rick is! said...

why not a naked gear review with yer nuts securely nestled in the tin? Bag Balm-Bag Box

Thomas Fletcher said...

The box reminds me of those tins you always see in movies where the person pulls it off the shelf and it is stuffed with cash.

Kind of hard to judge from the pictures, but it might not be big enough to be called your prize money box though =;-)


Disco Stu said...

Serious suggestion: keep the tin on your work bench to store small parts.

More serious suggestion: use the tin to hide your tighty whiteys and misfit bikini top, never to be seen by the world again, EVER!