Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feast before famine

What do the following three food items have in common? I ate them.
"Big deal" you say. "I've eaten cake, chips and pie before . . . pffft. That's about as exciting as Peter's new blog layout" you say.
I agree. Boring.

This past weekend we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving at my mother-in-law's house. I did not take my bike, as I normally do, and ride the gravely good time roads in and around the Karwartha Lakes area. I instead strapped on my feedbag (it's extra large) and had at it.

The Fall, and specifically Thanksgiving, marks the beginning of my slothfulness and departure from some semblance of active healthy lifestyle to that of fat'ass-ed'ness.

God love my mother-in-law. Every time I come for a visit she bakes something chocolate and enormous. This time was a huge chocolate cake. The wifey had one piece. I inhaled what you see as missing in the above photo from the time that I arrived at 5:30 pm Friday evening to 3:34 am Saturday morning. One half litre of 1% milk was drunk with it, along with three scoops of chocolate ice cream.

Got hooked on Boulder Canyon chips while down in CO. Mmmmmmm.
Leafs vs. Ottawa Saturday night. Opened at the start of the third period. Gone five minutes into the third period - three whistles to stop play in that time frame. What am I going to do for the rest of the third period? Eat more cake . . . with ice cream! (side note: Leafs won 5-1. Despite living in Ottawa I am, and always have been and probably always will be, a Leafs fan. We're bringing home the cup this year.)

Pie. I ingested half the pie between the hours of 9:30 pm Sunday night (after already eating Thanksgiving dinner and dessert) and 3:15 am Monday morning. Yes, I am a fat fugger.

The Peanut doesn't care though . . . there's just more to me to love.


Philly Phoodie said...

I fully support the cake/chip eating, but I have one problem. Apparently, you haven't seen my Flyers this year. I foresee another cup run, but with better results.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah... parade on Yonge street.

I've heard that before you know!


Go Habs!

Big Bikes said...

I think you were the only Canadian I didn't run into in the NEK this weekend. And I do mean RUN INTO. I guess directional arrows on trails mean something different in French(ish).

the original big ring said...

Thad - Flyers . . . pfffft.

Lenny - didn't the frogs lose to the Leafs already this season?

Thom - was supposed to head down next weekend, was sad to hear this weekend is that last of the season. Yeah, the Frenchies have a hardtime with directions - GAUCHE!!

Peter Keiller said...

in the words of dick dillen...you are the largest man I know...
infer what you will.

Anonymous said...

yah gonna get chubby!

give me some of that pie and cake!

your going to get hemroids.