Friday, October 21, 2011

Tour de Goat - Day III to Day VII Photo Dump

Like last year, three weeks after the trip I've lost the enthusiasm and motivation to document the 2nd Annual Tour de Goat.  Settling into daily routines again, not riding much, working on the house, a newly sprained ankle, eight straight days of rain and cool temperatures . . . . maybe it's fitting as this blog nears it's expirary date.  A few things still yet to post up, but the end is near.

Let me finish up Tour de Goat with a last few photos.  
Day Three - The Whole Enchilada started with a shuttle, then a climb, then long descending from alpine to low desert.  I'd go back to Moab just to do this ride.  Epic.

Hazard - I never would have believed that you'd find such colour in the desert.

The Goat and Curvy were ON the entire trip.  Fuggers rode some crazy shit.

Is that a banana in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Curvy got Dicky back with his lower GI and oatmeal.

I seem to bring out the worse in Dr. Claw.  He bit it hard on Jackson's but prevailed with stitches (chicks dig scars on middle aged guys with three kids, a wife, house and 9-5 job) and a good attitude.


While Curvy, Goat and I were tending to Dr. Claw's medical needs and making sure he was okay, he thought it would be a good idea to document the crash so others in the future would know.

Another use for a broken water bottle cage.

Curvy cleans off Dicky's wheel for him. 

Spent after a long, long hike a bike Curvy had no fight left to fend off a hungry Goat.

Bike bike outside of Poison Spider.  I bet I was the first person to ever think of sitting on it and getting a photo.


Buffalo Creek

Seven days in a row of riding and we was spent.  Seven days.  Curvy and I came in third and fourth place overall on the stage race.  We got no prize, no jersey, not even a lousy waterbottle commemorating the event. 

giant lobster hits again
Did you know that if humans didn't eat lobsters they would grow to be huge and live forever. (you had to be there)
"Larry is my friend.  He dances on rainbows." (again, you had to be there)

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A. Webster said...

My eyes feel so dirty from looking at one pic in particular that I feel like I should wash them out with soap. Best post ever!!!! :-)