Monday, October 24, 2011


Since my recently purchased, most awesome'ness condition and narely even touched 2011 Niner Jet 9 is for sale (yes, I was serious - a few e-mails thinking I was joking - TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!) I have short listed it's replacement.  There are a few criteria that must be met:
  • 1st - it must be steel
  • 2nd - it must be have the option of running it single speed or set up as a 1x9
  • 3rd - a tapered headtube would be nice, but not necessary
My four finalist (I'm open to suggestions if you have any) below all have pro's and con's.  I am not completely sold (yet) on any of them and am having a hard time choosing.  A custom build or titanium frame is sort of out of the question despite loving the idea of a custom/ti built mtn bike.  Sale of the Jet 9 will provide more money than I actually need to purchase a new steel frame, however, some of that money will be funding another project (hint hint: think snow-bike).

I will be riding it mostly rigid single speed.  I will, however, be getting a suspension fork for it and a 1x9 drive train for big hills early in the season or even bigger rides (ie. Colorado) later in the year. 

The finalist in no particular order:
Niner Sir 9

Salsa El Mariachi

Canfield Brother's Nimble 9
Singular Swift
You may have noticed that a Misfit diSSent is not in the list.  Well sir, that's because a steel version does not exist.  And yes, I do already have an ALC version, but that is going back to Misfit world headquarters once my review is up and published - not because I didn't like the bike (on the contrary) but rather that was the agreement with the Dark Lord

Suggestions or advice?


fabian said...

No Karate Monkey?

Anonymous said...

Of those frames, I would get the Singular for sure. Likely the Niner, Salsa, and Singular are made in the same place by the same people.

cornfed said...

Inglis or Soulcraft

the original big ring said...

Fabian, the fat bike looks like it's going to be a Surly Black Ops Pug - I'd like to mix up my fleet. The KM is top notch and I did look at it.

Anonymous - I have two concerns with Swift: 1st - steep angles (ST and HT), and 2nd - the BB with it's set screws. It's still a viable contender.

Marsupial - ummmmm, did you read the post or just look at the pretty pictures? Custom bike (ie $1800 + frame is unfortunately not an option). We call don't sit on fat wallets like you and ride a Moots. If I was going to throw down that kind of cash, a Moots was at the top of my list - I was actually going to e-mail you to assist in sorting it out and setting me up.

Cheers dudes!

Unknown said...

I have a 2010 Salsa El Mar running SS and I like the chain tensioner design better than EBBs I've used in the past. The niner EBB, with its two-piece construction, seems like trouble, since adjusting it requires teflon tape and fussing. Since SS requires continuous adjustment for chain stretch, its nice to be able to do it on the fly, so I'd say go with any bike with rocker or slider dropouts. EBBs work fine for people in the >145lbs category, but from what I hear, bigger riders like myself always can make them slip and creak, which has been my experience on multiple EBB designs...

CB2 said...

The latest iteration of the Swift has slightly slacker angles and a shorter fork than Swifts of the past, so if you put a 100mm fork on it you'll be kicking the head tube angle down even more (or an original Swift or Niner steel fork).
Between it and the KM, it definitely is a more neutral mellow handler (and I have one an older one with steeper angles). I have not heard one complaint of the EBB slipping or creaking. I was skeptical of EBBs, but after the positive experience I've had with mine It would be my tension method of choice.

Oh this is too good;
WV dumatub!

the original big ring said...

Will, good points. I've loved sliders. I am nowhere near 145 lbs. I've read equal number of arguments for/against each system. Don't know how to decide.

Charlie, when you say "kicking the headtube angle down even more" you're referring to making it slacker I assume? I would put a 100mm on at some point. The only thing stopping me on the Swift is the ebb.

Anonymous said...

Well what have you decided?
Just because its November now does that mean you won't be telling us????

Anonymous said...

As you know I'm not a fan of steel, especially our fat asses - but if I HAD to make a choice, my vote goes to the Nimble.

Short chainstay rock, not only for tight turns but would make KL that much nicers for wheel-ups etc...