Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I managed to crawl out of my pit of despair and self loathing long enough to go for a ride today after work yesterday. The idea was to punish myself for not making the race Sunday and suffer a loop of the park going hard as I could. So that's what I did.

I found it a difficult task managing my efforts on such a hilly route. You don't want to blow your load on every climb and have nothing for the downs and lead-ups. The idea was to keep a steady and consistent pace throughout, working harder than I normally do, but saving enough to complete the loop. I would redline it as I approached the crest of every climb, just enough to make me foam at the mouth and have snot running down my nose. Isn't that a sign you're working hard?

Things were going well, hurting, suffering in the hot, hot sun (29 degrees Celcius today / 84.2 F!) when I was spinning down a descent at about 43km/hr when BANG! Blew my front tire. Didn't hit a hole, didn't tear a side-wall, nadda. Just fatigue I guess. A wee bit scary, but I managed to steer to the grassy shoulder. Quick tube change and it was back to the suffering. Lots of carrots in the park to chase down - so many people out - nice to see.

Didn't take the camera, so here are a few shots (from my recovery ride on Friday) of Spring springing up in Ottawa:

<----- Experimental Farm and the Arboretum ------> tree in blossom

<------ one set of locks on the Rideau Cannal

------> tip toe through the tullips

Stopped by Curvy Butt's place. This is the closet thing to him riding in a while. Get off your curvaceous, bodaceous booty Curvy Butt and come riding.


Peter Keiller said...

I just talked to Dicky not moments ago - is he is ecstatic that you will be going to Albion instead of DSG in TN...something about you and being at bitch and other stuff that would make you mad enough to drive 13/14hrs.

We have a passenger van loading up in Bolton (Misfit HQ) at 6 or 7am Thursday to invade Fayetteville for the pub crawl that night...you should be on it.

If you do come out you can take the first swipe at the Dicky pinata...failing the Pinata you can take the first swipe at Dicky.

We'll have you back in Bolton late Sunday night...you can telecommute while you drive home...

Anonymous said...

"and have snot running down my nose"

I love the taste of snot.

The race - I didn't go. I feel good for not going.
I'm in the mountains though.
So, I'm glad I am here.
If I was there, I'd be out riding though. Maybe racing maybe not.
Does it really matter anyway?
nah. Took me a while to figure that out the hard way.

the original big ring said...

I thought that you were the only one north of the border who Dicky tormented!?! What's it going to take that guy to get up here for a little Canadian hospitality (BC doesn't count)?

Looking forward to Albion - pub crawl sounds like wacky fun.