Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ottawa - Wakefield - Cascade Loop

I took yesterday off work to go to a couple medical appointments, but didn't let the day go to waste. Nothing like mid-week for a long ride.

Thanks to Rodd for putting me onto this new route. The loop that I usually do is on two busy, open and not very interesting roads. The back roads that he suggested I take were way, way nicer.

110+ kms route all said and done. Though according to Map My Ride it was 123 km.

With a new set of tires (700 x 30 c Grand Bois), the Fisti I were out the door and on the bike for 6:30 am. Beauty day - sunny, hardly a gust of wind. It was cool in the early hours. My toes and head were pretty cold for the first two hours. Riding in the sun gradually warmed them up.
I rode through the park. It was empty and had it all to myself.

Roads on the Quebec side can be a little rough - cobblestone rough.
Anyone recognize this stretch? Hint: it's near the park.
The Fisticuff with the Grand Bois took the sting out of the rough roads. The steel ride accompanied by the smooth, fat & fast tires made it a very enjoyable ride.

Covered bridge in Wakefield.

Lots of quiet (car free) roads that rolled and turned. Scenic and beautiful.
The Mt Cascade road gradually led you to the base of the ski hill.

Where there is a ski hill, there is climbing. The photo above doesn't do the wall justice.

From on top of the climb. An 18% grade. Steep.
There were two or three 11% grades that I got to go descend.

Stopped at the bakery in Chelsea on the way home to fill the bottles and get a little nutrition. Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with "C". That oatmeal chocolate chip cookie is almost as big as my head.

I cruised back home through the park. Giant was parked in the P8 parking lot set up to do demos. If I had more time I would have gone over to check things out and talk a bit to the mechanics, but I had to run.

Legs felt great. Bike road perfectly. So nice to ride some different routes. Looking forward to the Tall Tree ride on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

roads in quebec are crap.
307 is a great road.
faster the vehicles instills fear.
fear means go faster.
body's fight or flight mechanism activated.

Too many country roads doesn't activate that.

hwy 307 does.

Anonymous said...

adam craig...

giant has good warranty.

but too trendy.