Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Good news for me is this is a rest week. I'm pretty tired after the last three week block, especially this past week when all it seemed like I was doing was climbing - intervals, hard ride, long rides. What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger . . . . right? Or maybe it's what doesn't make me stronger kills me?

This rest week is perfect timing too, just before my first O-Cup (Ontario Cup) race of the season. It's not a hugely important race for me, just another event - but I am looking forward to it as I'm racing in the single speed division. I also haven't raced at Albion Hills in almost two years.

Bad news is I've had a number of offers from folks who want to take me up on my plea for help to become a faster rider. The most enthusiastic offer came from Warren who actually sent me his race resume. Yes, he has a race resume and it was like three pages long. I don't think he sent it to me to impress me (though it was damn impressive!) . . . . but more to scare me. He seems genuinely interested in seeing me hurt - for my own good of course. But what was more impressive than his race resume was this photo he sent along with it:

Roadies . . . . do they wax and shave everywhere?

When I asked for someone to make me hurt (not including my eyes) I didn't expect this. I was joking . . . . really, I was. As you can see from Warren's eyes that he is not joking. He wants to spank me. May I have another?

But the Good News is I can delay this punishment for at least until next week while I let the body heal up. Question is, can Warren wait that long?


GenghisKhan said...

Just checking out cycling blogs and cane across yours. That pic is spooky--run, I'd say, run!

As to your racing, good luck!

Peace and happy trails.

Mari said...

Hey I want to see you on Sunday so be sure to set several alarms to get you up! Till then.