Monday, May 4, 2009

Fourwheeler, birdies, single track and a long loop

Kanata Lakes single track -
Curvy Butt and I hooked up for our second mtn bike ride in as many weekends. With all the road/gravel riding I've been doing lately, some technical single track was a welcome change.

This bright crimson little bird caught my eye through the leafless forest. I was able to sneak up on it to get a photo. When I got home I figured out, with thanks of the interweb, that it was infact a Scarlet Tanager. I had never seen one before.

Four wheeler at the intersection of Ridge and Pasture

Later on this caught me eye. While on the trails nothing worries me more than coming across a four wheeler. I can't understand the appeal of driving that big machine on narrow little trails. If this type of behaviour keeps up our little, narrow single track will become rutted out wide trails. Note the chainsaw on the front (apparently he was using it to clear any trees across the trail).

I pulled out the camera and the first thing out of his mouth when he saw me was, "We're not breaking any laws." Ummmm, yeah . . . . you are. As far as I know the City of Ottawa doesn't allow motorized vehicles on/in recreational land. I could be wrong here, I've been out of the OMBA loop for a little while. We stopped him to talk. He was pleasant enough while we chatted with him and made our case for sustainable trails, all the hard work people have done on them and to establish a positive relationship with the city. But, he was pretty clear that he was in the right and was going to continue driving his machine on the trails. I'm all for shared sustainable trails, but, in my opinion, KL is not the place for motorized vehicles.

Curvy Butt leaning into a corner just at the end of Outback.

Upp-sy Daisy

Step up on Pete's Wicked

Ottawa-Cantley-Wakefield Loop -
Big ride planned with the Tall Tree fellas. Showed up at the War Museum for 9 am and a few of us waited around for more to show up. Matt, who had planned the ride, apparently had a flood in his basement and had to bail. After fifteen minutes four of us (Greg, Candace, Steve and myself) rolled out to meet up with Jamie on the Quebec side. I was hoping for a few more Big Ringers to show up, but none took the bait.

Steve and Candace chase Jamie up one of the 11% grades leading up to Mt Cascade.
Before crossing over the 307 Greg turned back - trouble with bent derailleur made riding frustrating so he turned back towards home along. The rest of continued on. From five to four.

From Cascade we headed to the famous Woodsmoke climb. I've heard about it, seen pictures of it on the Tall Tree Rides blog, so I knew it was a toughie of a climb. My expectations were not disappointed. It's a steep pitch climb (15+%) with loose gravel, studder bumps and a few switchbacks to the top.

Country roads lead to nice rides.

Candace left us at the top of the Woodsmoke climb and headed for home. Four to three. Steve flatted on the descent and after changing his flat Jamie took off for home too. Three to two. From five down to two.
Steve was keen to keep riding, so riding we went. We headed North and eventually found some nice dirt roads which gradually looped us along River Road and back to Wakefield.

Covered Bride on Cross Loop.

It was cool to start the day, but warmed up. I was surprised to see the salt stains on my jersey and caked on my brow and hat.
Yay, cramps tonight.

My second long ride of the week. Great to do it with company. I've never ridden with Greg, Candace or Steve before - super meeting and riding with them and hope to hook up again in the future.


Matt Surch said...

Sorry to have missed the ride. Our leaking hot water tank won out. How hard is it to contain water? Lame.

Rob Young said...

Yeeesh, I don't think anyone should be 4 wheeling out in SMH/KL... That's crazy.

Once, I was biking in the Lime Kiln trail, and some guy on a Harley and his SO on back came down the trail in the opposite direction. It was pretty weird.

Anonymous said...

Wood smoke is a bitch of a climb.
Do it in the dead of winter at -40oC
Gotta watch that big white dog just down the road as well. It would chase after me, till I took a big ass stick to it. It ate it. Never bugged me again!

As for the trails - email peterv or scott. I'm sure they would be interested to know all their hard work is going to be run over.

Time for some rock work to ward off the monster trucks...

The more technical the trails are. The less this sort of shit can happen.