Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Half Assed

Even with all the physio that I am getting for my butt, I still can't make mine do that.

You might remember that my left leg and hip are a wee bit out of alignment and I've got some sciatica going on in my hamstring that's causing some pain . So I goes to see my physiotherapist for a consult and a program to fix me up. At the consult, according to my physiotherapist, my left ass cheek is smaller than my right. I've been accused of doing things half assed before, but now I actually have the proof - one smaller butt cheek. Deal is the nerve going into the glute, that supply's the muscle all it's nutrients for growth, isn't doing it's job. As a result, my left cheek is a touch smaller.

Yes, I can even do things half assed without even trying . . . . just like this lame blog post.


Anonymous said...

that's cheeky!

how the heck did you get an ass like that!

As Minhas Pedaladas said...

how will you solve that half problem? Half pedaling?